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  TFEUtilSource editor for The Family Edge files

is more than just a GEDCOM viewer - it is a powerful, easy to use genealogical research tool!

Designed around a powerful search engine, GEDSpy can help you find relationships in your data that you never knew existed.  You truly will Get More out of your Genealogy.

GEDSpy also features:
  • Easy to use, intuitive screen layout
  • Not one, but two visual, interactive descendant/pedigree trees
  • Professional looking reports
  • Easy to export to a spreadsheet
  • Fast, powerful searches
NOW!  With new G3 GEDCOM Parsing technology - Files load a Gazillion* times faster!

For a full list of GEDSpy's features, see the
feature page.

GEDSpy is in the test stages at the moment.  Download a free copy now and take it for a test drive.  

Take the GEDSpy Challenge - Export your family files to GEDCOM and view in GEDSpy.  See for yourself how easy it is to use!  And please provide some feedback, which will help make improvements.

August 2013:  For an update on the future of GEDSpy, see the Support page.

* Note: A "Gazillion" times faster means it loads really fast, compared to previous versions.  The actual percent increase in load speed has not been measured.