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TFEUTIL - mass editor for Sources in The Family Edge

As good as The Family Edge was in its day, one of its major downfalls was Source management.  The way it makes you enter each Source individually has caused me countless headaches, because when I entered them I sometimes took the lazy approach and entered as little information as possible, or entered similar but slightly different text on each occurrence.  Now when I export my GEDCOM and read it in with GEDSpy, I have a wild variety of different source descriptions, some of which are diffucult to trace back to the original source. 

TFEUtil won't fix all your source problems, but it will help you consolidate your sources and maybe utilize a user-defined code to relate them to a common definition.

is a Windows-based program which will read in your TFE+ Source file and allow you to see all your Sources on one screen and, best of all, make mass changes to them!  TFEUil will consolidate all sources that are an exact match into a single entry on the grid, thus reducing the number you have to look through.  They will be sorted alphabetically for ease of locating, and there is a powerful search bar to find specific items.  (Note the search bar uses the same And/Or/Not constructs that GEDSpy uses - see the TFEUtil help file for details).  

Enter your new Source descriptions in the right-hand column and click Apply Changes.  Its that simple. 

Current version:  0.3

A Help file is included in the download.  The HELP files are current with version 0.3.

Please report any problems, comments or suggestions via email by using the button on the support page


        Download TFEUtil Installer

The Installer uses a standard Windows install wizard.  TFEUtil can be run from a USB Flash drive.  Just copy the executable and help file from the installed location to a folder on your flash drive.


v0.3    [21 September 2012]
  • Fixed problem where you could not insert while typing.
  • Fixed extraneous unsaved data check warnings at close.

  • Added check for unsaved data prior to closing.

  • Initial Release - March 2012