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is still in the test phase.  You can download an alpha test version by clicking one of the download buttons below.

The test versions have built-in expiration dates and are full-function until that time.  Once a test version expires, you will need to obtain a new copy in order to continue using it.

Current version:  0.9c alpha with G3 Technology
This version expires:  15 May 2028.

A Help file is included in the download.  The HELP file is slightly out of date, being compatable with version 0.6q.  If you have questions on versions after the latest help file, please email me.

Please report any problems, comments or suggestions via email by using the button on the support page

                                        ALPHA TEST VERSION DOWNLOADS:

Download Installer        Download Zip File

The Installer uses a standard Windows install wizard.  The Zip version contains the same files, but in Zip format so you can extract them where ever you'd like.  GEDSpy can be run from a USB Flash drive.

Once GEDSpy is ready for prime-time (which won't be for quite a while), it will have a 30-Day trial period where it can be used to determine if it is suitable for your needs.  After the 30 day trial period is over, GEDSpy will no longer work and will need to be registered.  This page will be changed when GEDSpy is ready for to make its debut.


  • Released 22 Aug 2013.
  • Minor changes for better support of Windows 7.
  • Updated expiration date to 15 May 2028.
  • See the support page for an update on the future of GEDSpy.

  • Replaced old G2 GEDCOM parser with newly rewritten G3 parser.  Now loads a Gazillion times faster than before!
  • Fairly significant code cleanup and restructuring.  Note that this may have introduced new bugs.  If you find something that doesn't seem to work quite right, please report it using the Support link on the left.
  • Updated expiration date to 15 May 2013.

  •  Added ToDo List
  •  Added Bookmarks
  •  Autosave Tags when closing the file
  •  Added ability to print ToDos on the Family Group Sheet
  •  Added a MetaFile to store User Comments, Tags, ColorCodes, etc for each GEDCOM
  •  Improved Export Search Results logic
  •  Added code to clean up commas in PLACE fields
  •  Added Place Distribution under View menu
  •  Added Filters to Search Results
  •  Added ColorCode functionality to Main display area
  •  Added Find-by-ColorCode
  •  Added Bold Font option to ColorCodes
  •  Modified Search logic to allow and/or/not in First and Last name and MarriedByName (except on soundex)
  •  Modified Search in Tree to optionally include spouses of individuals in the tree
  •  Added Half and Step relations to the Relationship Finder tool. (Use with caution, not 100% reliable.)
  •  Added sequence numbers to children on the main screen
  •  Sort the marriages of each person by date when possible
  •  Added a timer so that infoMsgs always go away in a resonable time
  •  "Clear" button on search panel resets cursor to Last Name field
  •  Added preference to print Sources and Notes on the Name List Report
  •  Added doubleClick on the Notes box or the Notes Tab to bring up the NoteViewer.
  •  Added Index panel to NoteViewer; Index populates, clears, deletes;  (Note Indexing is still in the experimental stages.)
  •  Added test for Windows Shutdown - Save & Exit
  •  Fixed bugs #36 & #40

  • Fixed some minor bugs on the Register report.
  • Updated expiration date to 15 May 2012.

  • Added tooltip to Born/Died to show long values.
  • Added option to Register report to combine multiple consecutive sources (footnotes) into one reference.  

  • Added 'Tag Individuals' right click option to Text Search Results view.
  • Don't prompt to save Tag List on close if tags were already saved or were not changed.
  • Allow 'BLANK' as a search parm for dates and LOCs (birth date is 'blank').  Note: to find non-blank dates, use Date Before 9999.  For Locations, In and Not In work as expected, but for Dates the Before/In/After keyword is ignored.
  • Detect GEDCOM files in Macintosh format and display a warning.
  • Added Max Levels box to both trees.
  • Changed "CONT as Space" preference to "Concatenate CONT Tags".  (TFE+ writes CONT instead of CONC)
  • Added Alternate Individual Screen and associated right-click menus.
  • Attempted to improve efficiency of initial Read of the GEDCOM file.
  • Added right-click Copy menu to Born/Died & expanded them to 3 lines each.
  • Added a short version of the InfoBox to trees.
  • Added '+' to children with children in the main display.
  • Added a Nav counter to main screen.
  • Added expanded tooltips and InfoBox to main screen fields, with preference.
  • Updates to the Register Report:
    • Added in-line Notes for spouses of children with no issue.
    • Added subscripted Sequence number for 1st parent in the Lineage line.
    • Fixed spacing around marriage sequence numbers.
    • First take at preventing dup History Notes.  Still needs testing and possibly a See reference.
    • Added option to print surnames in Small Caps.
    • Added pref to index women by married name, in addition to maiden name.
    • Added footnotes for sources on "other spouses".
  • Added Register report footnotes
  • Added Color Coding (not 100% done)
  • Added some new Register Report preferences
  • Added "Export Notes to Treepad" under Tools
  • Ctrl+F4 to close file
  • Added Branch context menus to trees
v0.7c - Started working on language support
v0.7b - Added custom GEDCOM editor preference
v0.6q - added In-Law finder.  This is still in its infancy so please excuse the format of the output.
v0.6m - added Export to TreePad.  Not fully functional yet, but it does work.

Everything else works as planned, as far as I know. If you find any strange behavior, please contact me (use the Support page).