Get More out of your Genealogy



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Here is a summary list of GEDSpy's features:
  • Get More out of your Genealogy!
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Tons of Fast, Powerful Search functions
  • Search for Strings and Patterns
  • Visual, interactive Tree diagram
  • Search within the Tree
  • Full Featured reporting
  • All Reports created in Rich Text Format (RTF), usable by any word processor
  • Detailed Register report has built-in Index codes
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Ability to view Notes and Sources separate from the Individual
  • Surname Distribution with counts, and details available
  • Ability to find all Roots (people with no parents - potential heads of pedigrees)
  • Ability to search Notes, Sources and Events
  • Search within Results
  • Add comments to each individual (does not alter the original GEDCOM file)
  • Create tagged lists of individuals.  Save & load tag lists.
  • Search Tagged individuals
  • Split off a list of tagged individuals into their own GEDCOM file
  • Find by ID#
  • Built-in relationship finder
  • Handles GEDCOM attachments
  • Print blank Family Group Sheets for doing research
  • Export Results View to a spreadsheet
  • Export ALL family data to a spreadsheet
  • Detailed, Context Sensitive Help
  • Command Line interface for calling from external programs
  • Able to run from a USB flash drive - registered version does not use Windows Registry
  • Keyboard Friendly
  • Lots of other powerful features - see the Version History on the Download page for more features!

Try it today!  Download the latest version now!

Note: GEDSpy is designed for personal use, and will not work correctly over a network.  If you need a network-capable version, please contact me.