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Henry Aylor, Sr.

of the Second Germanna Colony

of Virginia

Henry Aylor was the son of Hans Jacob Oehler, the original immigrant from Germany. We don't know if Jacob ever made it to Virginia, but his family did. They settled in the Germanna area and moved with the colony to Madison County, Virginia, to the so-called "Hebron Community".

Henry had 7 children, among them Henry Aylor, Jr. His son Henry Jr. married Barbara Carpenter, daughter of Andrew and Barbara (Weaver) Carpenter, about 1770.

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Henry and Barbara had 12 children:

 1. Michael Aylor married Sarah "Sallie" Vaughan - moved to Ky
 2. Benjamin Aylor married Anna Tanner - moved to Kentucky
 3. Mary "Polly/Molly" Aylor married William Carpenter Jr. - moved to Ky
 4. Absolum Aylor married Mary Carpenter
 5. William Aylor -  Family Unknown
 6. John H. Aylor married Judith Terrill
 7. Lewis Aylor married Nancy Creel  - His sons John and Alexander moved
    to Kentucky; Staunton moved to Missouri
 8. James Aylor married Henrietta Underwood
 9. Elizabeth Aylor married Aaron Carpenter
10. Susanna Aylor married Simeon Murray
11. Sarah "Sallie" Aylor married James "John" Snyder
12. Annie Aylor married Henry Murray

Michael, Benjamin, and Mary "Polly" moved to Boone County Kentucky, as did 2 of Lewis' sons. Benjamin came in about 1807, with Michael following in 1810. William and Mary Carpenter came in 1813 when William left his pastorate at Hebron Lutheran Church near Madison to preach at Hopeful Lutheran in Boone Co. Hopeful was started by the Tanners and Rouses and other early immigrants to Boone from Madison. Benjamin Aylor was an early member.

Some have said that Henry Jr.'s son James Aylor and wife Henrietta came to Boone Co. also, based on a marriage of a James Aylor to an Eliza Wilhoite. This has been proven untrue based on census records and a detailed analysis of the marriage records. The James Aylor that lived in Boone Co in the early 1800's was a son of Michael.

The book I am working on will trace descendants of Michael, Benjamin and Alexander Aylor from their earliest known ancestry in Germany to present day. Information on several other connected families, including the Carpenters, will be included.

Also of interest is the family of Alexander Aylor. Alexander moved to Boone Co KY from Virginia between 1846 and 1849. He married his cousin Eliza Aylor in Boone Co in 1849, and they had 14 children: 3 in Kentucky and 11 after they moved to Missouri between 1854 and 1857. Alexander's brother Staunton also moved to Missouri at some point. Their brother John died in Boone Co KY in 1852.

Alexander Aylor (b 1824 Madison Co VA; d 1897 Ralls Co MO)
Eliza Jane Aylor (b 1833 Boone Co KY; d 1895 MO)

    1. Mary Frances Aylor (b 1852 KY; d. 1908) m. Mr. Turnbaugh
    2. Sarah Isabelle Aylor (b 1853 KY; d. 1854 KY)
    3. John L. Aylor (b 1854 KY) m. Brenavista Unknown (b abt 1848)
    4. James Milton Aylor (b 1857 MO) m. Mollie T. Unknown (b abt 1861)
    5. Thomas J. Aylor (b 1858 MO)
    6. Avery Alexander Aylor (b 1861 MO)
    7. Sterling Davis Aylor (b 1863 MO; d 1899)
    8. Purlina Ann Aylor (b 1864 MO; d 1907) m. Mr. Young
    9. William Jackson Aylor (b 1867 MO; d 1868)
   10. Julia Ann Aylor (b 1868 MO; d 1906) m. Mr. Snyder
   11. Eliza Jane Aylor (b 1870 MO)
   12. Robert Curtley Aylor (b 1872 MO) m. Mary D. Unknown (b abt 1864)
   13. Polly Ann Aylor (b 1874 MO; d 1892) m. Mr. Johnson
   14. Samuel J. Tilden Aylor (b 1876 MO)
My information on his family once they moved to Missouri is not as complete as it could be, especially after 1930. If you have any information on the Missouri branch of the family, I would love to hear from you.

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