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Azel Farley Reunion 2008

This year's Farley Family Reunion will be held at Lake Stephens on Sunday, May 25th. Plans are forming now, including group hotel rates, so Click here to go to the Contact page to send Pam an email for details.

New this year! Send us some pictures in advance - we are working on a slide show of past Farley reunion pictures. This can only work with your help! Pictures will be returned at the reunion.

Come join us for Farley Family Reunion 2008!




Farley Reunion 2006

Lake Stephens, WV

Welcome to the Farley Reunion website! Jeff and I hope that you enjoy the website, and have time to browse through the many pictures it contains. We hope to continue building this website in the future, so you might want to save this website address in your favorites. ---Pam

Reunion 2006

The Farley Family Reunion 2006 was held for the first time this year at Lake Stephens in West Virginia. Ted & Cathy Farley sold the farm on Rock Creek, so the annual reunion was moved to Lake Stephens. Ted saved many old pictures that were displayed in the cabin. He brought these pictures to the reunion, where Jeff and Pam scanned them into the computer. These
Ted, Jim, Pam and Peggy try to figure out who some of these folks are while Jeff takes a break from scanning.
pictures are available for you to look at by clicking the links below.

If you would like your own copy of these pictures, please send us an e-mail. The copies stored on this website are called 'thumbnails', and will not make good picture-quality prints (even the larger ones you get by clicking on the thumbnails will not make good prints because they are low-resolution so they will download quickly). We can either e-mail you the original scanned picture so that you can make your own prints, or we can make the prints for you. (We use the digital photo shop at a local company called Cord Camera, which produces very good, clear pictures using the scanned images.) Be sure to include the number of the picture when you request one - it will be the number that starts with a letter (either A or B) at the bottom of the picture.

If you are interested in a picture that is not very good quality, Jeff *may* be able to touch it up a little to remove fold lines or tears.

There are two sets of pictures to look at. Click on the following links to view them, and they will open in a new window. When you click on a link below, you will see a grid of small pictures (thumbnails). Click on one of the thumbnails to show a bigger version of it. You can use the arrows above the picture to navigate to the next or previous one. Clicking the Home icon will bring you back to this page.

If you can identify anyone in a picture that is either not named or not correct, please send us an e-mail and let us know so we can update the site.

Here are the links to the pictures: Farley Pictures A and Farley Pictures B
These will open in a new browser window. Click the X to close when you are done.